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oh, well! my LJ is still alive after all this time!!
A few things about what happened in Terraformers.
First of all, it was fantastic. Unfortunately, I didn't stay at the hotel with the other guests as my house is not very far away, so i'm sure I lost lots of interesting things to tell.
It was a small convention, not more than 50-60 people attending and the guests were Marina Sirtis, Robert Picardo, Connor Trinneer, Andre Bormanis and some people who worked with the scripts while star trek was on air. So, I suppose it was unique in the way you could approach the guests very easily, make small talk with them, take pictures etc.
I only followed the actors' sessions as they were in the afternoon, so I missed Andre Bormanis and I'm really sorry for that... Marina Sirtis is amazing, beautiful and funny. Robert Picardo has a wonderful voice, he sings opera!
Since all these Q & A sessions will be on the sci-fi.gr site sooner or later, and since my english is not so perfect, I'll just mention a few things about Connor. He talked for an hour on saturday and one on sunday. I enjoyed both days very much, as there were not many people present, the atmosphere was very friendly. All kinds of things were asked, I suppose the biggest part of them has already been asked in other conventions. Things like how he got the part of Trip, his relationships with the other actors, if he likes sci-fi , what is his opinion about TATV and Trip's death, etc. His favorite episodes are the ones that have a good story -and he has a good part - like cogenitor or similitude. He had trouble remembering the techobabble he had to say.
The question I asked was what he finds more fulfilling as an actor , theater or television, and it's not a very original one, I know. He talked about the difference between the two forms, the interaction and the connection an actor has with the audience in the theater, making each performance different from any other, as opposed to doing little disjointed scenes on tv, but that sometimes these little scenes can be really little gems. I liked what he said and I liked even more that it felt like he was talking directly to me.
I really liked the fact that he admitted he had to fight for Trip, so that he was shown as an intelligent person and not just a rather naive southern boy. That he wanted Trip to show more character in his relationship with T'Pol, to be on more equal terms. He said he's proud for the series and his role in it. He believes series die when people don't watch them and that happened more or less to both Enterprise and SGA. He is happy about the new Star Trek movie because it keeps the franchise alive, as it does well, there will be more.
No immediate plans for a new job, but always hoping. His son wants him to play a super-hero. He knows there are a couple of pages on facebook and myspace devoted to him and he's reluctant to go there, but sooner or later he might give in - I hope so!! And, he doesn't believe in reincarnation.
My general impression? Better than expected, a person that you cannot help liking - a lot.


Pairing: Trip and T'Pol
Rating: PG
Summary: This is inspired by a poem by Yannis Ritsos.
Disclaimer: I haven’t been able to buy any part of Star Trek etc yet, it still belongs to Paramount.

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last whispers

Last whispers
Pairing: Trip and T'Pol
Rating: PG
Summary: A belated story on the December ‘08 word prompt WHISPER over at Triaxian Silk. First fic ever, so I’m very much obliged to Alelou for getting in the trouble to look over it.
Disclaimer: I certainly don’t own Star Trek or anything related to it, it all belongs to Paramount.

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